Updated Guidance On Essential Elements In Bedding Sets

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Charcoal Grey Showcasing a sophisticated feathered detail, with an organic, natural and timeless feel. Brush Stroke Tableware A collection of tableware designs in a selection of four distinct colored glazes - Cobalt Blue, Polar Blue, Charcoal Grey and Soft White. The collection has a hand brushed rim, making each piece unique. Each item in the collection is glazed by hand, revealing the stoneware beneath on the mug and bowl, giving each piece a natural contrast of matte and shine. The Brush Stroke patterns are sold as 16 piece sets (11 plates x4, 8.5 plates x4, cereal bowls x4, mugs x4) for $167. Mix & Match Sets (Accent Collections) Bringing Ellens personality to life, the Mix & Match Sets features Ellens favourite sentiment love. Three uniquely different illustrated designs create statement pieces for any home. The sets of 4 plates, bowls or mugs are comprised of 4 individual designs in each set, all of which mix together perfectly, but can also be layered back into the rest of the tableware collection. Blue Love The individual Love designs of each plate, bowl and mug are inspired by Ellens love of nature, showcasing wild flowers and the countryside in cobalt blue illustrations. Made in the same way as the textured patterns, the accents range has the same debossed feel, giving the individual designs depth and tactile beauty.

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