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A popular name in the history of deserts, Kalahari is a fascinating region of Africa, brimming with wildlife and exotic plant species. Harmful impact of global warming on life on Earth is a known, undisputed fact. Through this list, we can gauge from the names mentioned and their work, the variety of domains in which people from China have excelled through the ages. Rules and guidelines should be followed even while writing a friendly or an informal letter. What does one do in such situations? Add salt to keep the ache mold-free, remove from flame, and allow to cool. Making paper hats is one of the easiest and quickest arts and crafts projects. All desert plants exhibit certain adaptations that play a crucial role for their survival in the extreme climatic conditions. Knowing about the largest desert in the world, in this context is an interesting piece of information. It may come as a surprise for many, but rats and mice are not the only species which are used in labs for testing.

A social media campaign had proposed giving Halti mountain summit to Finland for its 100th birthday next year. The border between the two countries runs up the mountain near its peak. But Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that sadly she had had to turn down the idea because the country's constitution prohibited any sacrifice of Norwegian territory. Part of Halti mountain is already in Finland - and forms its current highest point - but the peak is 20m (66ft) across the border inside Norwegian territory. Campaigners had proposed moving the border to give the summit, at 1,330m (4,363 ft), to Finland, saying the change would be barely visible on the map. Image copyright AP Image caption The peak would have been "a wonderful gift" to Finland, campaigners say They had argued that ไทยรัฐกีฬา the peak "would be a wonderful gift to our sister nation" to mark its independence from Russia, and not a big loss to mountainous Norway, which has much higher peaks. The campaign's Facebook page got 17,000 likes, with support from both sides of the border. But it hit upon an insurmountable legal issue. "Border adjustments between countries raise challenging legal problems, among them linked to the Norwegian constitution," Ms Solberg wrote to Svein Leiros, the mayor of the town of Kaafjord in northern Norway, who supported the campaign. Norway's 1814 constitution stipulates that the country is "indivisible" - and apparently not even an area the size of a football pitch can be split off.

Yuan has primarily focused on increasing the yield of rice rather than the taste, although quality was not completely ignored. Just as a woman has baby blues, so does a man. Then, cover the entire card paper using the transparent plastic sheet and secure it at the back using adhesive tape. Gemini people are eager, impulsive and quick in their movements. Proper Format for a Friendly Letter While writing a letter to a friend or even a relative, one should follow a protocol. Guiding you on some fundamentals of how to write a letter to professionals who edit hundreds of article per day, this article highlights all... An editor should always keep one thing in mind―an editorial is an analysis, not an endorsement. It is because of this angle of inclination of 23 ½ degrees that we have the four seasons.

In his writing he criticized tradition and advocated people to embrace modernization. Where exactly are the tectonic plates that cause earthquakes situated? The term signifies an increase in the atmospheric temperature near the Earth's surface, which is caused due to various reasons. The Earth is spinning at the speed of 1670 kilometres per hour on its own axis. Read this article to get answers to all these questions, in a simple and... Understand the implications of the second child syndrome,... A compilation of some interesting facts about the Arabian Desert -- the second largest desert in the world -- intended to shed light on its geographical and biological attributes, both of which are quite intriguing in themselves. Given in this article is the format for the same.