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Visa applicants received emails from the US embassy in Khartoum telling them not to attend their scheduled interviews. Green Card holders from Sudan shared experiences on Facebook of being detained at American airports and questioned about their religious beliefs for hours. Even those who had been successful in last year's Diversity Green Card Lottery felt their luck had vanished, as people with visas were included in the ban. The lottery scheme is something that thousands of Sudanese scramble to apply for. Image copyright AFP Image caption Many Sudanese are hoping that relations between the US and Sudan will improve Computers at university libraries are always filled with students rushing to get their applications done before the deadline, which last year fell on 7 November, the day before Mr Trump was elected. The US federal appeals court has refused to reinstate the travel ban, but that has not lifted the feeling of rejection and uncertainty that Sudanese people feel. The Arabic word for "banned" is the same one that has been used all these years for "sanctioned". For many, the ban felt symptomatic of Sudanese-US relations. Sudanese nationals' experiences of visa rejection and airport detention seem like business as usual. Certainly since 9/11, those of Sudanese origin have regularly been vetted.