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What Everyone Needs To Know About Coffee

Is coffee in the morning enjoyable to you? Well welcome to the party! Are you one of those people who purchases the same cup of coffee daily? Why don't you spend some time exploring all the possibilities? Use the following advice for the next time you have coffee.

If you're worried about your weight or have diabetes, consider adding Stevia to your coffee instead of sugar. Stevia is a plant-based product that adds sweetness without introducing additional glucose. You can find it at health food stores and supermarkets.

Coffee can last longer when placed in a freezer, but be sure to only keep it there for three months. If it stays there longer, the quality will go down.

If you refrigerate your coffee, be sure the container is airtight. Prevent your coffee from absorbing odd odors from other foods by making sure the container is perfectly airtight. Moisture can also end up in the coffee if stored for a long time in an inappropriate container.

To make the best coffee, you need the best water. You may want to use bottled water to make your coffee. Although you may spend a lot using this method, you will see a huge difference with the taste of your coffee. If you do not want to buy bottled water, consider installing a water purifier on your faucet. Even though it isn't the same, your coffee will have a better taste.

Ascertain that you are using the right amount of water when you brew coffee. Adding enough water is essential to keep your coffee from being too strong. If you want weak coffee, add more water. Two cups is the proper amount of water to add to your brew.

Do your palate a favor and avoid reheating coffee for later consumption. Instead of that, try using a thermal mug since it can retain your coffee's heat longer. If this is not an option, you can always brew another pot to maximize the overall taste.

Coffee tastes better when you use fresh coffee beans. Always look at the expiration and roast dates of whole beans that you buy. Specialty coffee stores and shops are more likely to offer freshly roasted beans.

You can froth milk to put in your coffee without spending tons on a special appliance. Heat milk in the microwave until it is steaming. After heating, set the whisk down into the cup of milk, and then repeatedly and rapidly roll the whisk between your palms to whisk the coffee. Keep going until the milk turns frothy. Half and Half or whole milk works the best.

Never store coffee near your oven. Heat can ruin the taste of coffee. Cupboards next to the stove and the top of the refrigerator should also be avoided.

After reading these tips, you can have some fun with coffee. Think about different coffees you'd like to try. Do you know a friend that likes coffee also? How about taking a friend to your local coffee specialty store for a fun shopping expedition?

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