A Detailed Look At Real-world Evening Gowns Plans

Photograph: Jonathan D Pryce/Real Stars Are Rare clothing The mod scene had a spikier revival in the late 70s inspired by the Jam and the Whos 1979 film Quadrophenia but by the late-80s the movement was moribund. Weller re-embraced the look in the 90s and was nicknamed the Modfather a tag he dislikes. Weller launched Real Stars Are Rare in 2014 with Phil Bickley, who owns the Tonic menswear shop in Londons Portobello Road . The clothes, which dont come cheap, avoid mod cliches such as the RAF roundel used by the Who and the Jam. The button-down shirts full price 120 feature a three finger collar that Weller and Bickley apparently spent weeks honing to get the right look. Real Stars Are Rares is only sold online, or in Bickleys shop. But Weller and Bickley now plan to sell 17% of the business for 400,000 to hire a design team, expand the range and spend on marketing. Weller, who now comes up with all the design ideas, will stay heavily involved. The ex-Jam frontman has invested 160,000 in the business and owns two-thirds of it. Bickley owns 19%, with the rest held by other investors.

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